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From technical design to the finest detail

Our experience and inquisitive nature help us to continuously improve as a partner and producer in automated bending and welding. What can we do for you?

Continuous improvement, one day and one job at a time

Every day we build on past experience to create the engineering workshop of the future. We work with our customers to push the limits of what we can do, and how well we can do it.

We raise quality, cost efficiency and delivery capability. Whatever your level of ambition, get in touch and we’ll raise it together.


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tube bending ›
Tube Bending
Our modern machinery and long experience give you access to precise production, fast delivery and help with development.
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subcontracting ›
We have our own technical design department, so we know how we produce best. And we do it cost effectively, on schedule, with the highest quality in mind. Over and over again.
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welding ›
Our robots weld with high precision, productivity, strength and cost efficiency, making us a great partner – and keeping you competitive.

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technical design ›
Technical Design
We know where you should start and we can help you with everything from drawing to surface treatment. Long experience makes us a good partner for development all the way up to delivery.